Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What's next for Syria?

The following article from the PreEmptive Love blog discusses the current situation in Syria, 2018.  PreEmptive Love Coalition works courageously to supply food and medical care to refugees and displaced families in Syria and Iraq.  Read below to find out more about the current situation there.

Syria’s ‘Cradle of Rebellion’ Has Surrendered. Now What?

The city where Syria’s civil war began is back under government control, more than seven years after popular protests turned into a full-scale uprising.
Syrian government forces hoisted the national flag over Daraa, 60 miles south of Damascus, after weeks of fighting. Hundreds of civilians are believed to have died.
There are conflicting reports on how many are displaced here. Thousands are massed on the edge of the Jordanian border and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.
We have not been able to access Daraa yet in order to evaluate the need. But we will continue to press in, ready to show up for those caught on the frontlines.

What does this mean for Syria?

The world has mostly ignored Daraa, despite its symbolic importance.
This is where the Syrian uprising began. In March 2011, protesters took to the streets, calling for Syria’s president to step aside and demanding an end to a state of emergency that was in place for almost 50 years.
Government forces moved swiftly to put down the protests, and before long, all of Syria was engulfed in full-scale civil war.
A Damascus suburb after years of war. Photo by Matt Willingham / Preemptive Love Coalition.
The recapture of Daraa is a huge symbolic and strategic victory for the Syrian government. It means the “cradle of rebellion” is back under state control. The last major opposition-held territory is now Idlib, hundreds of miles to the north.
Victory on the part of Syria’s Russian-backed government is all but assured, though it’s anyone’s guess how much longer war will drag on.

So now what?


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